A way to measure a person's wealth, is by checking their net worth.

But having a lot of money doesn't mean you are wealthy.

So what is wealth then? Let's see.


Ok, to start off. Having a lot of money only means you are rich. Wealth comes from the word well-being.

So it involves a lot more than just having a lot of money.


To better understand this, let's look at some examples.

Take person A, they have more money than they could have ever dreamed of.

Yet they don't have time to spend it on things they really want, due to perhaps having to constantly be at work.

They are financially wealthy, but don't have any time freedom. So they are poor by not having time freedom.

This typically happens with people that build a business around themselves. So if they are not there, the business collapses.


Then you can have person B, which also have money in abundance, but are constantly sick.

So you have enough money, but are spending it on things that make them sick. Not being able to enjoy life.

Being totally overweight, always drunk, constantly dependent on medicine is some examples.


I guess you get the point. So what is wealth then?

It is about balance. You should have enough of what you need. You are the only person who can decide what it means for you.

Your dreams and goals, will determine what wealth means for you.

If you can truly do the things that make you happy in life, you are a wealthy person.

Not having worries about your health, your spirituality, money, time freedom, food, etc. will make you wealthy.


Look at it from a different perspective.

If you are a bit older and think back at the happiest times in your life.

When was it?

Most likely when you were young and had very little stuff.

You were free to come and go and do almost whatever you want.

There weren't the worries of bills, family, things breaking and a mortgage.


They say that a lot of people have less money than a teenager, after they start working.

If you have to sell everything today, will you have some money left over, or will you still owe someone?

Funny question right?

Go and do the sums for yourself, but be realistic with what you will get, and how much you owe.


Now that little money you had as a teenager, might look good. Or am I wrong.


The way that the whole system is set up, is to get you deeper into debt, as you earn more.

So you end up working for the banks, and not for yourself.

They can keep you busy for years, working for them, while you only survive.


To be wealthy means you thrive, and stop surviving.

It starts with a decision.

A decision to go after what you want in life.

A decision to be happy in life.

A decision to reach your goals and dreams.

A decision to stop doing things to keep others happy.

A decision to do what you were supposed to do here on earth.


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