I want to discuss an investment return calculator that can be used for variable monthly contributions or pay outs.

The normal formulas that takes the final amount and total contributions does not work when your cash flow into or out of the investment changes.

Now to calculate investment growth, we will be using the IRR formula. The IRR calculator is an Internal Rate of Return calculator.

This formula can be used to calculate most type of investments, and is exciting to see it work.

There are some basic skills that you need if you want to know how to become rich. These skills are not qualifications or knowledge, but skills. When you have the skills that are needed by others and apply it, you will be becoming rich.


A skill is something that you know how to do and how to apply. This is worlds apart from just seeing others do it. Like seeing your parents tying their shoe laces, did not give you the skill. You first had to practice it until you also had the skill. Now it is exactly the same with everything. Now let's see what these skills are.

First of all you need to have a skill that can help others. This means you have to add value to others. Or in other words you need to know how to solve other people's problems. As soon as you have the skill of solving other people's problems, you can become rich.

A way to measure a person's wealth, is by checking their net worth.

But having a lot of money doesn't mean you are wealthy.

So what is wealth then? Let's see.


Ok, to start off. Having a lot of money only means you are rich. Wealth comes from the word well-being.

So it involves a lot more than just having a lot of money.

There are many courses to help you achieve financial literacy.
Finances is actually a simple subject.
But it gets over complicated so that people can make money from you.
To be a financial literate person is basically to know something about how to handle your money.

There is a simple way to get financial literacy quickly.
Unfortunately you won't believe that it is so simple.
And therefore you will not believe it and overlook it.

If you want to improve your financial education, just keep reading.

The quickest way to become financially literate and start building wealth is as follow.

1. Spend less money than what you earn.
2. Understand that you make other people rich while having debt.

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