That is a great question to ask.

How much money do I need to be happy?

Well, the answer might not be exactly what you expect.

But it is still a good question to ask yourself early in your life.


It is the job of your government to know how to make more money. Your job is to work for it.

Actually that is just a joke, or maybe not.

To know how to make more money, you have to understand something first.

Most people don't just go around handing out money. They pay you for something they need.

So you have to produce that something others need, and get rewarded for it, most times with money.

So you swap your skills to solve other peoples problems for the money.

To really move forward in life, you need to have a abundance mindset.

The world was created with absolute abundance. Then humans came and created a scarcity mentality to be able to manipulate and profit from others.


Loot at nature. Nature has a "abundance mindset" if you can call it that. There is absolute abundance with everything. From seeds, flowers, grass,animals and everything else. Off course it all has to be in balance as everything in life.


Now there are a few ways to escape the rat race, but it is up to you to decide how to do it. Let's start at the beginning and see what it is and how it works, then get to the different ways to get out of the rat race.


Running the rat race is like running on a hamster wheel.

You get nowhere. Now how do you escape the rat race?

The meaning of how to get out of the rat race has nothing to do with rats. It is all about people getting out of the race for more money and things. To get out of the 9 to 5 job, and have more freedom. The ting that gets us into the race is when you trade your time for money. The more money you want, the more hours you need to work or the faster you have to work. Or you need to have more experience and skill to get more income per hour.

In here we will look at some ideas how to escape the rat race.

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