There are many courses to help you achieve financial literacy.
Finances is actually a simple subject.
But it gets over complicated so that people can make money from you.
To be a financial literate person is basically to know something about how to handle your money.

There is a simple way to get financial literacy quickly.
Unfortunately you won't believe that it is so simple.
And therefore you will not believe it and overlook it.

If you want to improve your financial education, just keep reading.

The quickest way to become financially literate and start building wealth is as follow.

1. Spend less money than what you earn.
2. Understand that you make other people rich while having debt.

3. Don't buy what you don't need.
4. Save some money for crisis times.
5. Start using your extra money to create more wealth and money.

Simple right?
It can't be that simple, you say.
There is a million things I need to know.



The other information out there is only there to complicate things.
I can explain to you exactly how mortgages works.
Trust me, I can.

But it doesn't really matter if you don't have debt.
Or if you pay off your debt as fast as you possibly can.
And the way to do it, is to spend less than what you earn.
And pay the extras into your debt, as soon as you have some backup lump sump.

If you do these, then understanding a mortgage is just some more information.

Now there is an exception to this.
If you have a business that brings in money.
You can borrow some money to expand it.
If it will create more income than what the loan costs.

But still, that loan is a risk to your business.
And you should get rid of it.
Otherwise you might loose the business because of it.

The same with personal loans, home loans and credit cards.
The things those type of debs is used for, is liabilities.
A liability is something that costs you money.
Examples are:
Your clothes, your cars and even your own home.

The opposite of a liability is an asset.
Those are the things that bring in money.
And those are things you should invest your extra money in.
Examples are:
Clothes you rent out.
Your car if you use it to drive people around at a charge.
Your house if you rent part of it out.
An extra house you rent out.

So something could be an asset, or a liability.
It just depends on how you use it.
And if cash flows into, or out of your pocket because of it.

So the key is to use things to help others.
And by doing so, turn it into a asset.
And assets brings in more money.
Which you can use to generate more.

So keep things simple.
Life is as difficult as you make it.
Start looking at what people do.
They buy things to impress others, and do it on debt.
Then struggle for years because of it.
Without anyone really caring about what they have or noticing them.

Live your own life.
Without caring what others have to say.
Spend less than what you earn.
Doesn't matter how little or much income you get.

The day you die, the people you are trying to impress are likely not going to be there.
You will be there.
Make your life the best you can make it.
Keep things simple, and enjoy life.

You can make finances complicated if you would like to.
But there is no need.

After you get this, you will start having more than enough money.
Now it's time to learn how to use it to generate more money.

I have learned from a person who started with basically nothing.
And he can teach you a lot more in all areas of finance.

There is a lot more financial tricks and things to do.
But you first need to get the basics right, as I explained above.

To go to the next level and explode your financial education and growth.
I would recommend you learn from my mentor.
They do the things they teach.
So it is their life experience, and not just theory.

You will get blown away by his pile of experience and different way of looking at things.

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