Now we get to the cure for cancer.

Before we begin, please note I am not a doctor, I am just summarizing what many other doctors said.

So this is not a treatment guide, but for educational or entertainment purposes only.

Unfortunately I have to write that, otherwise everyone in the industry who will loose their job will be on to me.

So when you read about the cure for cancer in this article, you have to decide for yourself what is what.

What is the causes of cancer?

Excellent question, when you know that you can reverse and get rid of cancer.

Let's get to the causes, which can be divided into a few main groups.

1) Toxins, 2) Parasites, 3) Nutrition / diet 

Now let's look at each of these groups in more detail.

I want to tell you more about how fantastic your immune system is.

If you want to be wealthy, you cannot depend on the medical system to keep you healthy. You have to depend on your own immune system.

Unfortunately the medical system are a business. They are not there to heal you and solve the problem. They are there to keep you dependent on them.

Cancer is a type of autoimmune disease. 

What that means is that you don't get it like flue.

Your body causes it.

So what is cancer then you might like to know.

It is something that you have unknowingly caused, and of course something you can get rid of.

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