There are some basic skills that you need if you want to know how to become rich. These skills are not qualifications or knowledge, but skills. When you have the skills that are needed by others and apply it, you will be becoming rich.


A skill is something that you know how to do and how to apply. This is worlds apart from just seeing others do it. Like seeing your parents tying their shoe laces, did not give you the skill. You first had to practice it until you also had the skill. Now it is exactly the same with everything. Now let's see what these skills are.

First of all you need to have a skill that can help others. This means you have to add value to others. Or in other words you need to know how to solve other people's problems. As soon as you have the skill of solving other people's problems, you can become rich.


Now just having the skill and applying it, doesn't guarantee you will become rich. You have to make it happen while having positive cash flow. This means you should receive more money then what it costs you. So after you have done your thing to help others, there should be profit. So the total business should make profit. For example it doesn't help you sell oranges for $5 that cost you $3 and sell 20 a day, but you have to pay $100 for your stand. Then you are profitable on each transaction but your business makes a loss, so it has negative cash flow.


The third thing that is very important is that you have to become great at what you do. For example I had painters, who could not paint very well and made a mess. They apply their skills which basically cost them nothing, and get paid for it. But because they were below average, I let them go one after another. On the other had there are a painter which I have used a lot that does a great job. But he is constantly busy, and not always available. That is the position you should work towards, being in demand because you are great at what you do. You will always be generating income as you will be the first choice for people and can start charging higher prices.


People always have problems. As soon as they solve one problem, they create another. You have to position yourself to help them solve at least one of their problems. For example, if a person had a problem with transport and had to walk or use a taxi. As soon as they solve that problem and get their own vehicle, they will have to start do maintenance for example. This could be a problem to some people. You have to look for people's problems, and see where you have the skills to help solve it for them. That is the biggest part of the problem of how to become rich.


Now a very important point that you should carefully consider are the following. You only have 24 hours in a day, like everyone else. Now if you have a skill where you have to be there for it to work, you will automatically put yourself in a bad position. If you go on holiday or are sick, your business will stop and income will also stop. That is called working in your business. You can be able to make a great living like this if you have very valuable skills, but the downside will always be that your business stops when you are not there. This is typically the case when you are an employee. You get paid for your skills and time. It might not be your business and your worries, but the rest is the same as if it were your business.


As explained in the previous paragraph, you can make a great living when working in the business. But the ideal should be that you work on the business. That means you do things so that you are not needed in the business any more, or not often. This is the equivalent of building some type of machine and let it run. It does not need to be a physical machine, but could be people working for you. This will typically include systems and procedures that are easy for the relevant people to understand. This “machine building” is a way that you can become rich fast. You should realize that it is also a skill that should be mastered.


A last point that I want to make is this. To have a lot of money will make you rich. You might currently think that it is what you want, especially if you currently have very little. But what you actually want is to be happy. That fits in much better with being wealthy. Having a life of abundance and happiness is what people actually strive for. Life is not about being rich. You might not believe it now, but once you are rich with a lot of money, but nothing else, you will realize what I am saying.

Rather set up things from the start so that you have enough spare time, to enjoy with your loved ones. While being fit and healthy and having a purpose in life and being happy. If you do what you love and what you are great at, and help a lot of people, the money will automatically follow you.

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