It is the job of your government to know how to make more money. Your job is to work for it.

Actually that is just a joke, or maybe not.

To know how to make more money, you have to understand something first.

Most people don't just go around handing out money. They pay you for something they need.

So you have to produce that something others need, and get rewarded for it, most times with money.

So you swap your skills to solve other peoples problems for the money.


Now if you currently aren't making enough money, and want to make more, it simply means one thing.

You are not yet solving big enough problems for enough people.

Maybe you are working for a boss, but the work you currently do are only worth that much salary from the view of your boss.

You can learn to be more productive and become worth more, and get more salary.

Or you can develop another skill where you help more people than just one boss.


Life returns to you what you give. Cause and effect.

The more value you put out to the world, the more the world will return to you.

If you are just doing something for the money, you will quickly get stuck and demoralized.

You have to do it to help others, and enjoy the process.

Don't worry about the money, it will come back to you.

The people that excel in their jobs and life are those that enjoy what they do.

They don't mind going the extra mile to learn and improve and giving more than expected.

Those types of people are usually the ones that gets promoted to higher positions.


Now if you work for yourself, you have to figure out how you can help more people.

Or you can produce less but making something more valuable or more in demand to customers.

Many times it is far easier to produce less, but a higher value product.

Depending on what your skills is, you have to decide what you can produce and swap for money. 


Now there is a catch to this. Many people will produce something they are able to.

Then they start to try and sell it to other people.

When people don't buy, they throw money at marketing.

The correct way of doing it is to find out first what people need in your field of specialty.

Then make sure they will pay for it.

After that you can start to build or produce that thing or solving the problem in whatever way needed.

Instead of wasting years to make something and wasting years trying to sell it, only to find out it isn't really needed.


I hope what I explained here can help you in the right direction. 

To learn more about this and a lot more, you can watch the video below. 

This is just one of many where you can learn how to make more money with proven system and a lot more.

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