That is a great question to ask.

How much money do I need to be happy?

Well, the answer might not be exactly what you expect.

But it is still a good question to ask yourself early in your life.


Now the answer to how much money do you need to be happy.

There is no straight answer, because money doesn't determine your happiness.

 Sure you will need to have enough money to pay for your expenses, like food, housing, transport, entertainment, etc.

But in the end it will be mostly you that determine what expenses you want and need.

You determine what type of food, house, transport, entertainment you need or want.

And that will determine your expenses.

As long as your income is more than your expenses plus savings, you have enough money.


Now comes the point.

With who are you comparing yourself?

You will always find people that are richer and poorer than you are.

Especially if you compare yourself with the rest of the world.

You should only compare you to yourself.

What I mean is you should be looking if you are busy becoming a better person.

Or are you not living up to your potential, and slowly deteriorating.


We are all unique.

Everyone has a different journey in life.

And because of that journey you will be able to help different people in different ways with their problems.

And in helping people, you will find your happiness.

Happiness are not found in money and the things it can buy.

Sure it is nice to be able to buy something you want or need.

But it is just nice, a short term happiness of a few days or weeks.

After that you will be unhappy again, and will want to buy more.


To be happy, you need to decide what it is that you really need. Yes need.

Then make sure you have more money that those things will cost you.

After that you can start helping more and more people.

Either by doing your job better, or finding what your skills and experience are, and then find a way to help others.

With time you will get a bigger income, because money is a byproduct of how much value you add to others.

So from that point on, you will have more than enough.

And be happy.

With time you can buy more things to make your life easier, and still have leftover money.

Just keep on living below your income, as living above it will make you unhappy and stress you out.


So stop comparing yourself with your neighbors and rich people all over the world.

You are on earth to become the best possible version of yourself.

And to help more and more people as you improve, that is your purpose.

So be sure that you improve a little each day, so that you are better than your past version.

This small incremental improvements over time will take you much further than you can believe now.

Stop worrying about how much money do I need to be happy.

Get rid of the idea that you need to accumulate more and more.

Life aren't here to serve you, if you think that way you will always find a good reason to be unhappy.


After that, you will find out what you are put here to do.

Maybe it is a few different things that you need to accomplish in your life.

You will find out as you go through life that you need to do different things to improve the world.

Find your goal for now and live it out.

It will make you happy, then find your next goal and chase it.

That will keep you happy, and help you achieve greatness.


Check out this video, the guy explains it in an excellent way.

We are in competition with yourself.

And when you realize that, greatness will follow.




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