To really move forward in life, you need to have a abundance mindset.

The world was created with absolute abundance. Then humans came and created a scarcity mentality to be able to manipulate and profit from others.


Loot at nature. Nature has a "abundance mindset" if you can call it that. There is absolute abundance with everything. From seeds, flowers, grass,animals and everything else. Off course it all has to be in balance as everything in life.


That is exactly the scarcity mindset the system wants you to have. It means you will keep on working for the system to get that fake happiness of more stuff. Actually if you start having an abundance mindset or abundance thinking, you realize that you are a co-creator. You are able to create for yourself whatever you need. There is a saying, if you can dream it, you can create it. If you have a dream of having something, you can create it for yourself. Either phisicaly create it, or create something else you can swap for it. Like creating a product or putting in effort in order to get money, and swap that for what you dreamed of.


If you have a scarcity mindset, others can control you. If you don't control your own mind, someone else will control it for you. So you need to be extremely careful of what you let into your subconscious mind. If there are people talking and saying that there are not enough, and you don't tell yourself that it is nonsense, your subconscious mind will accept what they said. From there you will make decisions based on what your subconscious mind thinks. Even though you might not think so, it is exactly what has been happening to all of us since birth. Especially in the first 7 years f our life.


That is why kids of rich people most of the time are rich when they are older, and most kids of poor people are also poor. Even if your parents, teachers, family, etc. did not say it, but only acted that way, you would have learned it. You are like a recording machine when you are very young. Everything you see and hear gets recorded in your subconscious mind. Later on you start questioning what you see and hear, and decide if you are going to believe it and accept it as the truth. If you were "programmed" to have a abundance mindset, you will live a life of abundance and always have enough.


Everything has started as a thought.

And it will always be that way.

If it is the wrong thought or way of thinking, meaning the wrong mindset, you will always get the wrong results.

Change your mindset, and you will change your life.

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