I want to tell you more about how fantastic your immune system is.

If you want to be wealthy, you cannot depend on the medical system to keep you healthy. You have to depend on your own immune system.

Unfortunately the medical system are a business. They are not there to heal you and solve the problem. They are there to keep you dependent on them.


The way to break loose of that bond, is to keep your immune system healthy. 

Realizing that you can be free from that system, is a great freedom to have.

Let's start by saying that there are great intelligence in your body and immune system that are there to keep you healthy. 

If you cut yourself, your skin will start to heal. First there will be bleeding to block up the wound, and right after that you start healing.

Doctors say that 70% of your immune system is in your gut. Meaning your stomach and intestines.

They are filled with bacteria that checks for poisons, viruses, and any other bad substances in your environment.

They send messages to your brain to help your body get rid of it.

So if your gut bacteria are not working correctly, you will get sick more and stay sick for longer.

So a big part of your health comes back to your immune system and that is influenced by what you eat.

Like they say, you are what you eat, or rubbish in, rubbish out.


I am busy listening to Dr. Bryan Ardis as I am typing this. I suggest you also have a look at what he has to say.

The chances is great that you will hear something from him that will help you get healthier.

He is connected to a great group of medical people that are trying to solve your medical problems.

And not milk you for money and keep you in the medical system.

For the past 3 years I have been listening to hundreds of doctors, and believe me there is a whole new world out there that are hidden.

Most doctors are not trained to solve your problem, they are trained to diagnose a symptom and prescribe some medicine.

Your immune system are there so that you actually don't need almost any of it.

Some of the vitamins and minerals are needed as our soils are mostly depleted from minerals and so the food also are not mineral dense.

Our immune system and body needs natural food. That means mineral dense food that are found in nature.

Not processed food with added rubbish. Just real food that can rot like the food found in nature.

That is the food your body knows what to do with and absorbs at the right rate.

You can process it yourself at home if needed.

Processed food like sugar, maize meal, sunflower oil and other very fine powders get absorbed at a massive rate by your body.

This spikes your blood sugar and causes many illnesses. Things like sunflower oil are not recognized by your body and gets stored.

Where things like fruit get absorbed slowly as it goes through your gut and keeps your blood sugar much more stable and gives you energy for a long time.

Having spikes and dips in your blood sugar will leave you feeling tired, and have many knock on effects and eventually disease (comes from dis ease).


Things that works against your health are toxins from your environment that was absorbed into your body.

It gets stored in many places. A lot of it is stored in fat when your body doesn't know what to do with it. 

Other than that we all have parasites. They drain our energy and uses up many nutrients our body needs.

And that while most people are nutrient deficient due to the quality of our food.

Our immune system will always try to get rid of the biggest thread first. That is biggest in size.

So it will fight parasites first.  Then the fungi, bacteria and eventually viruses will get the attention of the immune system.

So guess how to protect yourself from common colds, etc., you get rid of the biggest thread so your immune system has spare capacity to build immunity against viruses. 

Many bacteria are beneficial to us. Our immune system knows which is good and which is bad.

Our bodies consist of more bacteria than it has human cells.

So it is not always a good idea to take antibiotics for every cough and running nose.

The antibiotics will kill good and bad bacteria.

And just as on your lawn, if you poison the whole lawn, guess what will start growing first.

The weeds, and eventually some grass again.


Take control of your body, your immune system and your life. 

To be wealthy means holistic well being. 

Having lots of money and being sick and on medication all the time is no fun.

Be sure to not neglect your health in your pursuit of financial freedom.

Your immune system is a big part of it that will get rid of illnesses if you look after it.


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