Cancer is a type of autoimmune disease. 

What that means is that you don't get it like flue.

Your body causes it.

So what is cancer then you might like to know.

It is something that you have unknowingly caused, and of course something you can get rid of.

If it was that simple, then why is it such a deadly disease?

Simply because doctors keep treating the symptoms, and not solving the problem, in other words the root cause.

It is like mopping up below a dripping tap, you keep cleaning up, but don't stop the problem.

Normal doctors are trained to find a symptom, and prescribe the medicine or treatment for it.

So they will look for the wet floor, and prescribe the mopping up procedure for it.

No I am not doctor bashing, the medical system has become so complex that doctors don't realize that is what they are doing.


If you want to know what is cancer, of course you would want to know what causes it.

It is basically a lot of faulty cells that was supposed to die, that has gone out of control, and started growing. 

So your body keeps on replacing cells the whole time. 

Dissolving old damaged cells, or letting them die, and then recycling the useful parts to form new cells.

Now your immune system has a function to check for damaged cells.

Then do the recycling or killing of them, called apoptosis.

But when you develop or cause cancer, there is something that goes wrong with this process.

The faulty cells start to grow divide and get out of control, and your immune system can't recognize the problem to stop it.

That is why cancer is part of the autoimmune diseases.

Your body tries to protect you by sending all the faulty cells or growth to one place in your body.

Trying to protect the rest of your body from it, that is why you get lumps in one place.

Eventually if you don't solve the problem, it gets too big to handle and becomes fatal. 


Cancer cells takes a lot of energy from your body to be able to grow at such a rapid pace.

It starts to grow it's one blood supply system for enough oxygen and glucose supply to grow.

 Now depending in which organ it is busy growing, it can have lots of different effects or symptoms.

For any organ you have, you will get a few types of cancers.

For which each one might or not have a different treatment.

It can be difficult to choose the right treatment.

But that is only if you don't yet understand what you have read above.

What I mean is, don't treat the symptom, fix the problem.

And the cancer will go away by itself.

The cancer growing means the problem is still there.

The cancer lump getting smaller means the problem are being solved.

Don't see the cancer growth as the problem, see it as the indicator of the problem.


Now that we got that behind us, I will be writing about some Causes of cancer and Cure for cancer.

And after that come back here and link it from this page.

The information discussed here is what I have been learning from listening to many naturopathic doctors, who treats the cause.




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