Now we get to the cure for cancer.

Before we begin, please note I am not a doctor, I am just summarizing what many other doctors said.

So this is not a treatment guide, but for educational or entertainment purposes only.

Unfortunately I have to write that, otherwise everyone in the industry who will loose their job will be on to me.

So when you read about the cure for cancer in this article, you have to decide for yourself what is what.

Let's start right there.

For more than a 110 years now the medical industry is regulated.

This means if you are a doctor who identify symptoms and can prescribe the correct pharmaceutical medicine, you are good.

Even though we have to bury many of the patients in a few years.

On the other hand if you do anything to solve the problem, and not cause big pharma to make tons of money, you are the enemy.

Don't believe me. Then google "cure for cancer" and you will find many article that says there is none, and you can only treat it, with expensive surgery and expensive chemo off course.

But there is a growing group of doctors that are seeing that what they learned doesn't work, the cancer keeps coming back.

They are switching over to solving the cause of cancer, and it is the summary of these doctors which I will be writing about.


What do they say:

Diet / nutrition

Your diet has a big effect on your health. It doesn't happen overnight, but rather over years of bad nutrition and eating the wrong foods.

Eating a lot doesn't mean you get in the nutrition you need.

All it causes is being overweight, and toxins are stored in fat cells, so it makes things worse.

Now eating nutrient dense, whole natural foods helps work against cancer.

It means you have to eat food that you find in nature, that is fruits and vegetables.

They need to be nutrient dense, and free of chemicals and pesticides.

Harvested when they are ripe, meaning not when they are green and hard and then transported thousands of miles.

This will be fruits and vegetables from your surrounding ares, preferably organically grown in good soil.

You will be able to see that they look delicious and smell great.

These are the things needed by your body.


In contrast with that is processed food.

Stay away from anything that you can't recognize as growing in nature.

That is processed flour, refined sugar, oils extracted from things like sunflower seed.

It matters as your body needs the fibers which comes in the sunflower seed, not just the oil part.

As I understand olive oil can be good for you, to help detox your liver. But it should be raw and not heated in a pan for example. 

Most processed foods does not have fibers, the fibers which helps a lot with colon cancer and other immune functions.

 Instead they have added sugars and gets absorbed very fast into your blood system.

This spikes blood sugar and promotes cancer growth.

In contrast natural fruits and vegetables releases their sugar slowly (low G.I. index) as it moves through you indigestion system.

This keeps your blood sugar constant for longer. 


Another great cancer and disease treatment is intermittent fasting.

When you stop eating and only drink water for 14 hours or more, your blood sugar starts to go down.

When your blood sugar is low enough, your body starts going into ketosis and starts burning fat for energy.

Now your body stores energy as fat, it also stores other harmful chemicals it doesn't recognize in fat.

So when you burn that fat you also get rid of those chemicals.

After the 10 - 14 hour mark of not eating, only drinking water and ketosis start, another great thing happens.

Your body starts to repair your cells and broken DNA and get rid of "misbehaving" cells like cancer cells.

So if you can eat only two or one meal a day, it will do wonders for you.

Please don't overdo it from the beginning, as all the toxins released from your body will cause damage elsewhere.

They need to be broken down by something like vitamin C and bind to something like Fulvic Acid (not Folic Acid) to get out of your body.

Another good toxic binder is beetroot. 

If you can eat Lunch and maybe a late breakfast, and skip supper it has great benifits.

Sleeping while your body is in ketosis has more benefit than being awake while in ketosis.

That is because your body repairs itself when you sleep, and the repair process is sped up when in ketosis.


About 70% of your immune system is in your gut and intestines.

It consist of more microbes than you have in your body.

These microbes signals your body that there is toxins, viruses, etc. so you can mount an immune response and get rid of the problem.

Now it is this exact same immune system that they use to destroy the cancer cells.

So the point of eating right, etc is to get your immune system to an optimal level to heal yourself.

When you get this right, you will get rid of diseases including cancer, heart problems, clogged arteries, etc., etc. and feel better than in many years.

So the point of eating right is to get rid of your disease, feel better and have more energy. 

There are some indigenous people that don't know what is cancer, diabetes, alzheimer's and many other diseases due to what they eat and the clean environment they live in.

That is something to think about. 

Many of the doctors says that autoimmune diseases are just variations of the same causes or problems.

A good source of information you can study more is Dr. Joel Fuhrman where you will get a lot more detail.




After nutrition, this is a major cause of cancer.

Due to bad nutrition and what we eat and don't eat, our bodies gets worn out.

Then comes the toxins, which these days are everywhere.

In tap water as recycled sewerage.

In bottled water as toxins the plastic releases.

In our food as glyphosate they spray on corn for example to dry it out, which damages our gut lining.

This is called leaky gut which lets all kinds of things from our digestive system get into our blood stream and causes inflammation and diseases.

Toxins are also found in the air, beauty care products, new carpets and mattresses as flame retardant, etc.

Lately they added the clot shot, to get rid of the "plandemic" which contains heavy metals and many other really nasty stuff.

This means you have toxins in your body, and if your immune system is inflamed and not functioning at peak, you have bigger problems.

Doctors say that things like cancer has multiple factors causing it, of which toxins is likely a big contributor.


Now they say that emotional problems are also an toxin.

Many cancer survivors have said that they did everything, but could not get rid of the cancer, or it kept coming back.

That was until they fixed their emotional issue.

It might have been something that happened 10 or 15 years back.

Some big traumatic thing, and divorce, someone they couldn't forgive, or some bitterness because life happened to them.

When they eventually realized that it was the cause, and got over it, things turned around.

A life lesson is that we can't change the past, only now.

Forgive yourself and others or that toxic emotion will eat you up from the inside through cancer.

Someone to listen to about this is Nathan Crane, which is on youtube and has made "Conquering Cancer" series where he talks to doctors and x-cancer sufferers.


I will discuss some ways to get rid of the toxins.

Please note that you might need to speak to a naturopathic doctor to get your nutrient levels and other things correct before starting.

Also you should not be constipated, meanig you take a number 2 once or more a day, and you need to move your body so your lymphatic system can pump the waste to the correct places. 

Otherwise the toxins will get released and will get re absorbed and cause bigger problems.

Your cells dumps all their wast into the lymphatic system, which is like vanes all through your body.

Your lymphatic system doesn't have a pump like your heart for blood. Your contraction and relaxing of muscles moves the lymph around.


To get rid of these toxins use things like intermittent fasting. 

This will burn fat and get rid of the toxins stored in the fat.

Toxin binders like Fulvic acid, bentonite clay, olive oil, beetroot can bind and remove toxins from your body. 

You need to break down or denature it with things like Vitamin C to stop re-absorption of the toxins.

Other things are, Zinc, Magnesium, cinnamon, neem, milk fissile, dandelion root.

Turmeric and parsley which as well as detoxing are also anti cancer.

Enough sunlight to get in Vitamin D3, activated charcoal, iodine, mecuna purines, liquorice root.

You can listen to the documentary serieses of Jonathan Otto to learn a lot more about these. 



According to Dr. Lee Merritt cancer growth looks exactly the same as parasites under a microscope.

She uses fenbendazole to get rid of parasites. 

According to her end others too much parasites in your liver causes a blocked liver, which causes high blood pressure.

Due to the fact that our liver acts like a filter which removes toxins from our body.

And when blocked the blood flows through difficult and your heart has to pump harder.

Some suggestions to get rid of parasites, which everyone has some ore more are the following.

Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, Nitazoxanide, Fenbendazole and Chlorine dioxide.

It will off course be better to do blood tests and find out exactly what type of parasites you have, and then get the right parasite cleanser for it.

Parasites uses up a lot of your energy and nutritional resources, so make sure to get rid of them soon.


Other methods

Things like getting enough sleep, so you can recover can also help.

Having too much stress gets you into fight and flight mode, and out of recovering state. See Parasympathetic vs sympathetic state.


Urine therapy

Now for a method that you will frown upon.

Until you read the explanation first.

Let us start at the beginning, before you were born. 

A baby's kidneys start working before they are born.

Which means they urinate the water out, and that fluid is what surrounds the fetus.

The fluid is called embryonic fluid, and contains stem cells and many minerals.

Now the great part is hat babies start drinking it which helps them grow up healthy.

Urine are all the excess water and things in your blood, which gets filtered by your liver and kidney.

They also call it ultra filtered blood plasma.

When there is antigens(foreign stuff) in your blood which has bypassed most of your immune system.

It causes big problems and disease, this includes cancer and snake poisons for example.

They call it the Antigen Specific Self Signalling System, where you feed back a little of this urine into your gut.

Now 70% of your immune system is in your gut, so it sees the antigen and tells your immune system to get rid of it.

According to Dr. Ed Group your body makes anti-venom in your urine about 18 seconds after you are bitten.

The way the make anti-venom is to use a horse or animal for this, and takes it's urine and manufacture anti-venom.

So there you have it, your own perfect medicine made for you freely available.

Another doctor that uses some variation of this is Dr Rashid Buttar.



By the time you start asking the questions of how to heal cancer, you might need answers quickly.

Just know this, if you are still living, and you can stop the cancer and start reversing it, there is time.

You might have to start with what you learned here, and find out more. 

See this as a jump start in the opposite direction you are going.

All you then need is to improve on your specific situation and reverse it quicker. 

The main goal is first to stop it, then focus on reversing it.

Which will happen when you find and eliminate the main cause, and then go from there.

We are all different, exposed to different things, so you will have to find what gets you the best results.

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