What is the causes of cancer?

Excellent question, when you know that you can reverse and get rid of cancer.

Let's get to the causes, which can be divided into a few main groups.

1) Toxins, 2) Parasites, 3) Nutrition / diet 

Now let's look at each of these groups in more detail.

1) Toxins

This one has quite a few sub groups.

1.1) Environmental toxins like alcohol, tobacco additives (not the nicotine), lead, mercury, aluminium, other chemicals we breath in, thins in water, etc.

Radiation from different places like your phone can also have an effect.

Too much Xrays, sun rays and other radiation. Though moderate sun exposure daily is needed for a good immune system.

It is all about balance. Your body are only able to handle a certain amount of toxins, after that it is overwhelmed and it causes damage.

Some toxins like mercury and aluminium(both vax preservatives) are stored in your body, and cause long term problems like autism(see movie Mercury Rising).


1.2) Emotional toxins

This is a big one, you can watch some of the interviews of Nathan Crane with doctors about this.

Basically if you have something that happened in your past, for which you can't forgive someone, or yourself.

You will be unhappy, this will cause your DNA to change, called epigenetics.

That is why many doctors say cancer is genetic, as it puts you in a situation where you think you are powerless.

Cause you can't change your DNA right?

Actually happy people that has a purpose in life without lots of emotional baggage are simply healthier and live longer and better.

Your emotional state changes you, just like plants that don't grow "happily" for some reason will excrete chemicals that attracts pests to destroy it.


1.3) Toxins in what you eat or take in

You could see this as environmental toxins, but it is so important that I have to discuss it more.

Basically we are fed a lot o crap on different levels.

In our water, which is partly recycled sewerage with everybody else's medicine, drugs and chemicals they dump down the drain.

Our food is grown in depleted soil, so you get sick plants which is sprayed with chemicals to keep pests off it.

As mentioned, I learned that plants excrete chemicals so that pests can attack it to kill it when it is unhappy.

It could be "unhappy" due to the soil it grows in which is depleted of minerals, or too little water, etc.

Farmers sprays these plants with chemicals to get rid of the pests, and then you eat it.

You also breath in fine parts of things that was burnt in the environment around you, and vehicle exhaust.

And then there is your skin, your largest organ by area.

I learned recently that you basically "eat" things put onto your skin.

They say it is better to eat some dangerous thing, than to put it on your skin.

Your skin absorbs chemicals and it goes almost straight to your blood stream. 

Where as you eat it through your mouth, your gut microbiome will recognize it as toxic and signal your immune system to get rid of it.

Yous skin care products are mostly not regulated for carcinogens and other harmful chemicals.

So make a careful decision of what you put on your skin, as many will block good sunlight also, including sunblock.


2) Parasites

There are doctors like DR. Lee Merritt who says that cancer looks like parasites under a microscope.

According to her there are a few people treated for parasites and "miraculously" survived some deadly cancers.

Not by accident or miraculously, but because the cancer is parasites.

Now I am not a doctor and can't suggest things like fenbendazole or ivermectin.

Listen to Dr Lee Merritt for more on that.

Anyway, parasites are the biggest antigen in your body, antigen meaning something that doesn't belong there.

For that reason your immune system will send most resources to fight it, and basically nothing to viruses, the smallest when you have parasites.

 When you get rid of your parasites, your immune system has more energy to fight and repair other problems.


3) Nutrition or diet 

Your body needs the right nutrients to be able to build up cells, and remove the faulty ones.

unfortunately the soil that our food are grown in these days are mostly depleted of nutrient.

Due to the fact that a lot of top soil has washed away, and crops are planted on the same soil year after year.

So we are not getting in all the nutrients in the needed quantities.

To make things worse, we eat a lot of fast food and junk food these days.

Junk food are the ones that tastes good but does almost not have any nutritional value.


Then we get the fat foods, which is not only the ones you find in a drive through.

Fast food is defined by some doctors as food that gets absorbed fast by your body.

That is all the sugars, ultra refined flours and also many other processed things like sunflower oil.

Sugar, and flour get absorbed quickly by your body and spikes your blood sugar or glucose levels.

Now many autoimmune diseases like cancer and diabetes loves this blood sugar spike as cancer can now grow like wild fire.

A few doctors like Dr. Joel Fuhrman  believes that you can reverse most diseases by eating the correct and nutrient dense food.

Which makes a lot of sense, as our body has intelligence build into it to heal itself, like healing a cut.


We are not man made creatures, like engines which wears out and rust.

We are build to heal ourselves of all kinds of diseases including cancer.

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